This week marks the start of the holiday season, a time when we show gratitude towards our families and friends. While we take a break from work this week to enjoy delicious food and spend time with loved ones, let’s take a look at the impact giving thanks can have on a person.

Research conducted by psychologists has proven that showing gratitude will make you happier. Anything from verbally expressing your appreciation to someone to keeping a gratitude journal improves mental health and forms a habit of valuing other people. Recognition not only improves your own mood, but cultivates the relationships you have with your peers, leading to a more productive and healthy workplace.

Giving thanks to coworkers

Recognition and gratitude should be at the core of every workplace culture. Not only does research suggest that gratitude boosts happiness, but it also reminds your teammates that their value does not go overlooked.

Recognition is fundamental here at Next Level Performance, so we take the opportunity every Thanksgiving week to share a company-wide lunch. We don’t just enjoy a meal together, we spend time talking, watch a holiday movie, and connect with our teammates.

We hope this Thanksgiving reminds you to show gratitude towards your families and teammates, not just throughout the holiday season, but all year round.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Next Level Performance!


About the author

With a degree in Psychology and Business Administration, Aidan is interested in organizational and motivational psychology within the work environment. As a Marketing Associate for Next Level Performance, he works to increase understanding of incentive and engagement strategies. An avid reader, Aidan is constantly keeping up with the latest market trends and research findings. He has also spent a lot of time traveling throughout the world. Favorite travel destinations: Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

Aidan Kusnecov

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